My name is Burmese Python, and I just wanted everyone to know a little more about me.  Here is my furry timeline:

1989 Bought my first snake, I was living in the college dorm at the time, and my parents insisted that I wait until I moved out before buying a snake

1990 Realized that Burmese pythons were my favorite kind of snake, got one as a pet

1993 Had increased my collection of Burmese Pythons to 4

1995 First internet capable computer, I set up my e-mail address through my provider as "burmese-python"

1998 Discovered furry art on the internet, became very interested in it. That was when I started making furry friends and talking through e-mail

2000 Went to a small fur meet, where I met my mate Hyper. He moved in June, and got me even more interested in all things furry. I discovered ICQ and began talking to even more furs.

2001 After hearing about so many of his furry travels, I finally join Hyper on a trip to SoCal for the Fur-B-Q 4. I finally meet some of my favorite artists and writers, and decide to launch this website.

Since then, I have attended numerous conventions, made many furry friends, and really enjoyed exploring furry. I have had different commissions done for con badges, this one is my favorite, by Dark Natasha:

In the new world order of web pages having not enough page views, and me (like a lot of other people) being in instant-gratification-attention-whore, I make most of my update notices here on Live Journal

My Great Dane - photo gallery of my pet pup

Corin - photo gallery of my favorite pet Burmese Python

Subee - photo gallery of my pet Sumatran Blood Python

Python - photo gallery of my pet pythons being held by others

This is me in the Lagarto Fursuit (photo from RainFurrest 2008):

My original Art and Writing

Photo of Me, my mate Hyper, and my Great Dane (from Fur-B-Q 2003)


My Furry Code - Click to decode
FDS[Burmese Python]5a A C+ D++ H+ M- P R+ T- W Z- Sm++ RLMC a37 cm++ d e++ f+ h++ i+++ j+ p+++ sm+++

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