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One True Love

An original furry story written by Burmese Python – Copyright 2001

all rights reserved - Any reproduction, reposting, or retransmission of this written work is forbidden.

It was a lonely road that Burmese had been following for so long. Things were going well professionally, the breeding program was producing popular colors and patterns of equine pets. Yes, the snake was doing very well at his miniature horse business, not the envy of all the breeders in the country, but certainly able to compete at a high level. But the lack of satisfaction he felt in his personal relationships always overshadowed his professional success. He knew that there was more waiting out there for him, but he did not know if he would ever find it.

Burmese had fallen in love before, but had always felt that finding one mate who could fulfill all his dreams and ambitions might never happen. He was happy in his life, and his mate loved him dearly. The two were not the best match by any stretch of the imagination, but they found in each other comfort that few ever find. They had been together for eighteen months. Those times were good, those times were bad. A lot had happened along that eighteen-month journey, and things were beginning to get strained. It was just two short months before that Hyper found himself searching as well. Through the internet, Hyper’s paws had typed those desperate words of longing, and the response was not what he expected. A Centaur from the big metropolis not far away responded to his call, and wanted to take him away from his difficult situation.

Hyper and the Centaur met, Burmese was told that it was just a trip for fun, an escape for the mind. But there was much more to the encounter. Hyper had felt for a long time that Burmese had lost love for him, and was merely continuing the relationship out of convenience, or perhaps because he did not want to be alone. This was partially true. Burmese had begun the relationship with hyper because he saw in him the possibility for a lifetime of contentment. The two shared many common goals, many common desires. The tension between them was mostly the result of the nature of their beings. Perhaps a python and a black lab are just not meant to be. Really, though, it came more down to differences in physical and emotional need. The Labrador craves attention. He thrives when he is the center of the master’s world. When left alone, separation anxiety and loneliness kick in – and deep feelings of longing and worry begin. And the solitary python, all his life content to curl up with only himself, perhaps just could not offer that level of dedication. This is not the fault of the python. His mind is just wired differently. He can tell himself over and over that he needs no one else, but this does cause him to search out new experiences and avoid that deep bond. It is the curse of the serpent, perhaps.

So all these factors lead up to Hyper seeking company with the Centaur. The meeting is not what he had hoped for. While the Centaur seemed over the net to be the perfect companion, within hours, Hyper realized that he had made a mistake. The serpent in his life may not have given him the complete reflection of his own love, but there was safety in the coils of his snake. The Centaur just could not provide the stability or nurturing the lab needed. After a physical encounter to consummate their friendship, Hyper realized that he had betrayed his mate and the fear set in. A phone call to his unknowing mate did not reveal that betrayal; but he felt better for talking to him. The rest of his escapist weekend finally came to an end, and the lab returned home. Tail between his legs, he decided that he needed to tell his python what he had done.

The conversation began with an ominous tone, “I have something I need to tell you, and I do not know how you will respond. I don’t want you to speak until I have explained myself, and once I have, if you want to leave me, if you feel you can not trust me any more, I understand.”

The python was very puzzled by all this, and settled into a tight coil. Hyper was shy, and tried to reveal slowly what he has done. Because he was sometimes vague, the talk was long, with details slowly becoming apparent to the snake. At first, it seemed that the Centaur and the lab were merely active with muzzles and tongues. Even as the encounter was described, the snake became aroused at the sensuous description. Yes, the lab had used his long tongue to pleasure the Centaur, licking his body, all four legs, both hands, and torso. The lab had worked his way down to the beautiful sheath of the Centaur. As the cock slowly unfurled, the lab became more diligent to ensure a rock hard erection. The Centaur wanted to put his enormous member inside the lab, but the lab hesitated. Not because of the size, but because he felt that it would be inappropriate to accept a new penis in the ass that had been for those sixteen months before reserved only for the python. The Centaur insisted, and Hyper agreed to pleasure the anus of the wild steed. Protection was used, because the situation was new and uncertain. Hyper felt all the while that he should not even be there away from his mate. Despite his enjoyment of the act, he immediately began to regret it. He lied to the Centaur, indicating that he had completed his task, and quickly hid the used cover for his now softening penis.

The snake listened and contemplated the events, thinking on what they meant to him. As the description of the sexual exploits draws to a close, Burmese realizes two things. One, he is extremely disappointed in his Labrador. For all the time they had been together, they resisted any urge to be with another outside their close relationship. Despite the very high sex drive of the horny python, he curbed his urges and saved himself for the black dog. Two, he realizes that his neglect of the emotional needs for the lab have reached a head, a point where there might be no return to the status quo. In order for them to continue, there would have to be changes. Those changes, it would turn out, only put off the inevitable.

Hyper pleaded with Burmese to forgive him and allow the past hurt to be forgotten. “I know you might want me gone from your life because of what I have done, but even as I was doing it, I realized that we were meant to be, and that I could not find comfort in the embrace of another. I don’t want it to end, but I know I have betrayed your trust. I will do anything I have to, in order to keep you mine.” But the mind of the python had been wandering, wondering if the path to happiness had been lost in a deep forest of despair.

After hours of discussion, Burmese finally reached the conclusion that the only way to proceed was to throw open the door to sexual experimentation, and to try to find what he needed. All this was to be done while the relationship continued, as the lab and the snake were still very much in love with each other. Neither one wanted it to end, even in the face of all the problems. His work was progressing at a comfortable level, and interstate travel was easily affordable. The python made plans to reach out in the furry community, finding others in need of physical attention. Burmese was not looking for a replacement for his mate, just a bit of closeness to engorge his two hemipenes and fill the void. Sex between the lab and the snake had been fairly infrequent. Not because the two did not enjoy it, but because during their relationship, they had pushed each other away. They were not as close as was obviously needed. The two no longer slept in the same room, as the snake had a hissing problem in his sleep. The lab was ever the attentive watchdog, and it drove him to distraction when the snake would sleep so deeply, making so much noise pushing air. It might not have been the only reason, but the distance between them was ever present.

The first opportunity for the randy reptile to copulate was with a sexy older pony mare in the big metropolis. She was instantly taken with the beauty and sexuality of the serpent, and embarked on a mission to make him feel welcome. The event where they met was a friendly affair, lots of furs of all different species together to pass a national holiday. The serpent put aside his inhibitions and pursued the pony for the entire day. Privacy was at a premium, though, and things began to get tricky. The pony’s mate was somewhat jealous of her sexuality, but knew not to push her to be exclusive. So, the pony and the snake had to be very discreet. Hyper was there too, and Burmese did not want to make him feel like an outcast. They were still mates after all, and did not want to flaunt their choice of company or activity. Being in an open sexual relationship with someone takes a lot of effort. It is all too easy for resentment to enter in and destroy the fragile bond.

Evening falls at last, and as the party winds down, Burmese and the sexy pony get the time they desire. It begins with a shower, where the tiny space barely accommodates the two ravishing creatures. The pony does her best to give the snake the time of his life, but the quarters are just too tight. So, the next phase of their tryst takes them to the hot tub. The serpent coils himself gently around the bosom of the pony, slowly massaging her as she delights and reaches a state of bliss. Then, he slithers about her more sensitive area. He lifts her tail and inserts himself inside her warm waiting vagina. She winks with pleasure as he massages her in ways she has never experienced. The snake is no stallion. He does everything slowly and meticulously. The stud would mount and be done in mere seconds, leaving that hole wet and dripping, but wanting more. The serpent is able to slowly work his way inside, tempting and treating her to a feeling she has always craved, but never before experienced. Her enjoyment of the feelings was not just physical, but made a real connection for her. The serpent, though, has not found his ideal companion. He senses her pleasure, and knows that she wants him so badly. But the snake is still searching for meaning in the encounter. As much as he wants to please her, and please himself, he feels that it will not be a long-term affair. After soaking in all the heat he can stand, the normally cool skin of the snake is overwhelmed. He decides to lead her inside the house where the two can be close and comfortable. The snake is still enjoying every moment, and is waiting to copulate with his tender pony. The restless mates, though, dog their plans. The lab is waiting in the guest room, wondering what exactly is taking place. While he knows what it means to be informed, he still wants to think that maybe things are not going well, and that the snake will return to him for the night. Assuring the lab that he will spend the night with the pony, the couple find they have a second obstacle. The boudoir of the pony and her mate is not available either. The mate of the pony decides to close the door and keep everyone out. So, now, the last resort is the inflatable mattress. The snake huffs and puffs and gets the bed ready. The night is restless and long. He and the pony talk for hours about this and that, mostly exploring the issues of life and relationships. Both realize in talking that there is much more out there than settling on a situation, and both agree that when the mate in their life can not give them what they need emotionally, physically, and spiritually, that additional intimate contact outside the relationship is necessary for ongoing happiness.

It is just after dawn, and the snake has tried to sleep, but cannot. His enormous erection will not subside, so he uses it for one major frontal campaign for pleasure. He is no longer as slow. Taking a page from the playbook of the stallion, he completes his task inside her to a point of extreme ecstasy. The environment is not conducive to privacy. The couple is in fact, in the center of the living area. So, the snake bites his tongue, takes care of the matter at hand, and then slumps into a loose coil about the very stimulated pony. He knows he wants to give her more, he is capable of delivering so much more pleasure, but now with the full sunlight illuminating the room, he is unable to feel fully comfortable with the very odd situation.

Burmese decides that he needs to have more time with the pony at his own lair, where privacy and intimacy are both easily attained. Not wanting to leave his mate in the lurch, he encourages him to bring the metropolitan Centaur along for the ride. It is only 4 hours away to the lair of the python, not far at all in order to achieve the culmination of his experiences with the pony. The Centaur is excited about joining the expedition, as he also wants the lab to feel his embraced once again.

The vehicle is crowded, but understandably so. The Centaur and the pony manage to work their way in, as the lab drives and the snake coils himself partially around the pony’s warm neck. About three quarters of the way through the ride, they agree to switch off so the pony and snake can enjoy the front of the vehicle for a little while.

Upon arriving to the domicile, the two pairs split their own way, and proceed to explore their own pleasures. The snake and pony decide to draw a hot bath, and the lights are dimmed. The pony once again feels the amazing embrace of the serpent, massaging her body in ways that make her feel like a virgin. He stimulates her nipples so slowly, for so long, she never wants the moment to end. As his scales slowly pull and release her tensions, she melts in his embrace. And the snake senses her pleasure and is aroused by it. He actually enjoys the moment more from her perspective than from his own.

When the water begins to cool, passions run hot. The snake now has the ability to take all the time he wants, doing now what the speedy stallion can never do. The hours pass, there is penetration of her vulva on numerous occasions. The snake can hold back for a long time, he is a lover who can slow everything down to a crawl. As the intensity builds, he caresses her, fucks her, soothes her, and finally releases her. Technique with stimulating her clitoris is complete, and she melts into the bed. After a moment of quiet bliss, he finishes his task and falls limp beside her. Every muscle in his body now reminds him of the intensity that has just been shared.

During the night, the two sleep together in quiet comfort as best as they are able, not waking until long after the sun has risen. What is now going through the mind of the serpent? He realizes that while he has completely enjoyed his time with the pony, he has only satisfied an immediate thirst for satisfaction. There is unfortunately no deep emotional connection. As the following day wears on, he knows that he has merely passed time in a passionate manner. There is to be no lasting comfort in the pony’s embrace, though he does of course still care for her, wanting her to be happy. The python’s final destination lies further down his path, a path he must still explore.

The snake returns the Centaur and the pony to the metropolis, and the lab comes along for the ride. On the return trip, he has a heart to heart talk with his mate. The lab relates that his encounter with the Centaur was once again an empty one. While he once thought that he could find happiness with him, the lab decides that the Centaur will no longer be a part of his life.

More conversation on the meaning of trivial unions does not necessarily play against the relationship between the lab and the snake. There is some underlying tension building now because Hyper sees that his mate can find physical satisfaction with others. A major meeting of the furs is fast approaching, and Hyper starts to see trouble ahead.

Much work with the breeding operation of the cute miniature horses is underway, and Burmese finds himself in a happy state. Work is constant, but not overwhelming. Hyper, though, feels more and more an outsider to the operation. His thoughts take him to dark places, ones where he feels he will be soon replaced perhaps, as the sexual serpent might find something more meaningful that will push him out of the snake’s life.

Nearing the time of the event, Burmese is cultivating his friendship with a dinosaur. Was there ore common ground, perhaps, between a dino and a python? Maybe, but more than that, it was closer to what he was looking for. The dino is a wonderfully quiet individual, one who wants to be close to the snake, to feel the embrace, and see where it takes him. They were all heading off to the same event, so, the dino arranges to meet the snake and lab at the air terminal, along with his own significant other. Another foursome, but this time with much less tension. The dino is mated with his equine stud, and the two are happy enough. They have been together for a long time and understand each other’s need to be free. This seems to be the common theme in the relationships between furs. Open is better than broken.

When the flight arrives, the airline manages to misplace Burmese’ luggage. The snake is left wondering why they have such a poor system for remedying the situation. He tells the other three to go ahead to the hotel, and that he will be along after the situation is resolved. Hissing and thrashing about is useless, the frustration of the loss only makes him feel upset, ruining the start of his trip which was supposed to be strictly for enjoyment and camaraderie. But, after the others leave, he calms himself, and realizes that the airline will make things ok one way or another. Among the items that were now in need of replacement were all the vestments and toiletries. It is important to have protection along, and it’s also important is lubrication. Snakes do not easily slide into certain places, especially for comfort sake. The snake picked up his rental vehicle and proceeded to get lost in the big grid of highways. Not all was bad, though. His lack of navigation leads him to a drugstore, which has all the sundries he needs to replace. The only things they don’t have are shirts and other clothes a snake needs to be decent in public. Now armed with almost fifty dollars worth of soaps, brushes, swabs, gel, condoms, lubricant, and other articles, the snake is calmer at last, knowing at least the foul meal from the airline will not have to linger on his breath.

Burmese heads to the hotel and goes upstairs to the room. He arrives to find a locked door and an empty room. Hyper has found a friend elsewhere and is not in the immediate vicinity. But the marvels of technology work their magic, and the two are in almost instant communication. Hyper comes quickly to grant access to the room for the weary snake. Burmese then set to the task of finding the dino, who is staying in a place nearby. On the way to finding him, Burmese and Hyper head for a quick meal at a 24-hour place around the way. They find the dino in the course of events and bring him back to their room. The dino’s mate is tired and has decided to stay behind.

Hyper finishes his meal, and Burmese makes it kind of obvious that he wants a bit of privacy. Hyper understands, and sets out to find some of his friends. Burmese tells the dino that he is stressed out from the luggage incident. This is not to gain sympathy, but just to explain why he is not feeling happy or particularly physical. The airline had not only lost the luggage, but also had systematically closed all opportunities for the snake to file the paperwork to hunt for it. The ticket counter had closed shortly after the flight arrived, and the hour was already late as it was. After searching for almost two hours, it was now too late to even call the national hotline. So, the stress of all this made the heart of the python sink down into a bit of a funk. Fortunately, the dino knew that the best remedy for the situation was a gentle massage. Ok, not a massage, necessarily, but that is what he said he was going to do. As the python lay upon the bed, the dino started to move in close. Clothes began to shed, and the moment became quite intense. The baby oil on the night table was called into action for some intimate physical contact. The python suddenly became aware that the dino was sporting a full erection. Feeling it through the few remaining garments, the snake knew what was on the dino’s mind, and pointed quite directly to the newly purchased sundries. Precautions in place, and lubrication applied, the dino plunged into the anus of the willing serpent. The dino was obviously very much anticipating the encounter, as he was quick to relieve himself of his excess semen. They scattered themselves all about the belly of the snake with violent force, as the dino fell back onto the bed. The serpent wished it would have lasted longer, but knew that a repeat would be just for the asking at some future time. The snake was unable to focus past the luggage and difficulty of the final leg of travel, and was having a very hard time maintaining something capable of penetrating the waiting dino. But all was ok, the experience was warm and wonderful.

Hyper returned as the couple was just cleaning up and redressing themselves. He fully expected to see what he saw, and was neither disappointed nor upset at the situation. The serpent needed to find comfort in others, and the lab had accepted the fact. Burmese took the dino back to his room and bid him goodnight. On the way back to his own room, he stopped off and purchased some of the dog treats he knew his mate loved so much, along with some liquid refreshment for himself. Drat, not an instant winner under the cap. Oh well, those prizes suck anyway.

Hyper was there with one of his good friends when Burmese returned. The two waiting furs consumed the treats that were brought, and continued to have light conversation. Burmese was very tired from the day’s events and the lateness of the hour, so he slipped back into bed without any of his clothes. The two on the other bed had no intention of doing anything while the snake lay watching, but may not have done so under any other circumstances either. Hyper was thinking to himself during this time that he wished his python were back with him, cuddling in the lap of the Labrador. Burmese was still looking for other avenues of enjoyment, though. He was not wanting to be a slut necessarily, especially after so many months of exclusivity. His only partner prior to the trip was the pony, and Burmese resolved himself to try new things. He was cautions and keep distance from anything resembling a relationship. The snake wanted to experiment, but he was not looking for anything in particular. He was happy with his life, with his business, and was glad to have the opportunity to meet new friends. It was his intention to be restrained, at least a little bit.

The next day brought some unexpected tension between Hyper and Burmese, the thoughts of the previous night perhaps settled in deeper than Hyper expected. The line for registration at the furry meet was long and slow. Hyper asserted over his portable phone to Burmese that he could not join him in line, and would have to wait at the end far behind. Burmese had spent a long time in the shower, soaking his scales. Now down and alone in the long line, the serpent marveled at the sites around him. He captured some of it with his video camera. Finally, after three hours of waiting, the badge was issued. Since there were no fresh clothes to be had, Burmese opted for the t-shirt with the convention logo on it, along with an upgrade to “sponsor”. Goodies in tow, Burmese proceeded to find Hyper and make arrangements for lunch. The day went on smoothly, there were many new faces and places to distract everyone. The roommates also arrived finally. They had arrived hours later then was planned, so they stayed in another room for that first night. The dragon and his mate were nice, quiet furs.

Naptime came upon the sleepy afternoon for Hyper, and Burmese was anxious to replace some of the missing articles from the luggage still in limbo. Heading out into the city, Burmese found all the shopping opportunities he needed to get order back in his day. He even decided to buy some basic art supplies to begin using his talents at drawing to further enjoy the convention. Lunch had never happened, so a dinner was arranged with the dino and his mate. The foursome went to an agreeable place and the chow was good. The stud mate of the dino had obviously talked with him, because he was anxious himself to try the snake’s sexuality. Burmese had not really anticipated such an event, but the horny stud was quite persuasive. The two went up to the snake’s room and proceeded to be very safe. There was again an erection issue for the snake, but his willing ass was ready for new experiences. The stud was being a stud, though. Stallions are just not able to hold on for very long. Burmese was typically the one to insert his erection into the anus of his mate. For the sake of variety, he was more than willing to be topped by that sexy stud. When his erection was lacking, the stud solved the issue by taking both of the hemipenes of the snake in his mouth. It took a while, but the snake was finally able to let go of his tension with the help of some masturbation by the stud, and squirt with force all over himself. The stud was quite pleased with his results, and thanked the snake for a memorable time.

As the two were cleaning themselves up, the two roommates came by and saw the naked furs in the room. Burmese still wanted cock in his ass, something new to him. Hyper had always been a bottom, not too able to satisfy that need of his snake. The stud and the snake parted company. Now that the roommates had returned, events led further down the old dirt road. The dragon wanted to try the snake, and was open to any kind of pleasures. The snake knew he would not be able to maintain an erection because of the condoms, and because of the stress of lost luggage and other factors. So, the dragon grabbed a condom and the lube and pushed his cock inside the snake. The desensitizing condom caused the dragon to stay hard and not ejaculate for more than 15 minutes. The thrusting was constant and steady. In and out, the raging hard on of the dragon continually prodded the wet anus of the serpent. The act had no particular conclusion. The muscles began to tighten in the snake’s body, and he could no longer hold the position. The dragon knew it would be difficult to finish the act, so he just decided to stop.

The airline finally located and shipped the lost luggage back to Burmese, and after a couple phone calls, arrangements were made for delivery. He was glad to be back in possession of all his treasured articles. Clothes that were missing were now found, and this delighted the serpent, because some of the shirts were custom made with personal photographs. That night, when Hyper returned to the room and slept with the snake, he was glad that they were together. Burmese gently massaged the lab’s back, lulling him into a quiet state of happiness. Burmese had no desire to do anything more, he had enjoyed his earlier ejaculation and was satisfied. Hyper did not know any of the details of his snake’s activities this evening, and he was not really wanting to think about it either. The black dog wanted nothing more than to erase the past and live only in the coils of the python. That was to be the last peaceful night Hyper would experience. Sleep came easily, and it was not until morning when eyes finally opened again.

The morning brought the second full day of the convention, and there were many interesting activities happening. Burmese had been chasing an auction item from the night before, and was also quite taken with the dealer’s room. He found his own things to do, and met with furs he had previously only spoken with online. Hyper was doing his own thing for the most part, and the two did not see much of each other. Burmese was invited to hang out most of the day with the dino and his stud mate, activities which went from having a beer at a nearby tavern to drawing nude figures for a private artist session. Burmese was one of five artists who sketched the erotic figure poses, knowing that he would go back later and use Photoshop to color and shade the images.

The day was drawing to a close, and Burmese found himself back in his room. He had not had any sex this day, and was quite horny. The two roommates in the other bed were doing their usual cuddling, and Hyper returned to Burmese’ bed. Hyper had no interest in doing anything with those two watching, so he encouraged his snake to go over and do something with the other two. They were open to experimentation and welcomed the serpent to join them. Burmese had already enjoyed the anal stimulation the night before from his dragon roommate, so now, he wanted to suck the cock of his companion. Careful not to injure his sexual prey, the snake unhinged his jaw and took the penis into his mouth. Starting slowly and meticulously, he caused the flaccid member to slowly come to life. Within minutes, his success was starkly evident. The cock in his mouth now went deep into the throat, stroking slowly up and down. After nearly 20 minutes of rhythmic stimulation, the snake decided it was time for both of them to get off. Coiling his own hemipenes both around the cock of his prey, he began to stroke. Faster and faster, the serpent could not hold back any longer. With a violent spurt, his cum covered the stomach of the prey, who was still not ready to let loose. So, continuing to stroke even more tightly and rapidly, the snake finally enjoyed success, as the prey could not prevent the inevitable. Now, there was a cum cocktail all over him.

After this encounter, Hyper’s mood began to change. The lab had not witnessed the previous sexual activities of his serpent, and the sight of it made him all too aware that the snake was finding satisfaction in others. It was either the visual memory of the event, or perhaps the emotional impact of it that pushed him over the edge of despair. That night was a very restless one for Hyper, who began his downward spiral.

Waking the next day, the final day of the con, there was a lot of tension between Hyper and Burmese. The snake finished babysitting his auction item, an awesome print featuring Anubis and a Cobra. When the final bid was in, and the auction was complete, the two agreed grudgingly to find a restaurant. They unfortunately took a terrible turn in the vehicle into the ghetto of the city. With the lab crouching down low and the serpent cursing, they finally found their way out of the maze of desperate streets. After wasting almost an hour, both of the creatures became ravenously hungry. The streets finally took them back to the area of the hotel and the more familiar selections for food. But the snake did not want to repeat his fast food experience, and Hyper did not have the patience to continue searching for something better. A drive through was utilized, and the snake parted company with the lab at the hotel. The snake then went on to find his own meal, the first of the entire trip he consumed alone. Burmese reflected over his solitary lunch that if he had just stayed with his friends, he would have enjoyed the morning instead of arguing and getting nothing to show for the effort of finding forage.

When the serpent returned to the con, he busied himself with some last minute conversations; a lot of the furs were leaving today, not wanting to stay overnight for an additional cost. Burmese picked up his winning bid art, took it back to the room, and then attended the closing ceremonies by himself. Most of his opportunities for conversation and companionship had already departed. The snake then began to wander aimlessly. It seemed that all the fantastic parties of the previous year were not to be found this time around. There was a lot of dismay on the mind of many of the furs still there, because there just were not any worthy parties. Hyper could not find anything fun either, but still was pushing Burmese away, not wanting to hang out with him.

The snake slithered one last time down to the common area, and was delighted to find a fur that had reptilian interests. But he said that he needed to return home early the next morning and would be unable to talk or party at all. Across from the reptile fan was WolfyWolf. The snake thought he was cute, but was not the type to just go up and hug a strange fur. The wolf paws were so soft and sexy, though, and the bushy tail was a definite turn on for the snake. The time came to return to the room and just wait out the rest of the trip. It was now over in the mind of Burmese. He had his DVD player and a few movies with him, and figured he would pass the next several hours that way. He returned to his room, the dragon and his mate were there. They also could not find a party that was worthy of attending. Part of the problem was all the places that sell booze were not open for business on Sunday, so all the parties were either dry, or not adequately stocked. Burmese did not feel like drinking anyway, and he had certainly experienced more sex with more furs than most would consider safe and reasonable. The snake was a very sensual creature, and was still exploring his desire. The physical satisfaction was a fond memory now, but the encounters were empty.

Then, there was a magical turn of events. The outcome of it all is still amazing to comprehend, because it transcends all expectation. WolfyWolf was invited down with his roommate by the dragon. Burmese did not know that the dragon even knew the wolf, so it was a very pleasant surprise. All of a sudden, Burmese lit up and decided to pursue the sexy creature before him. Sitting on the edge of the bed, the wolf was shy. The snake slowly started to coil around him, and began to stroke his back. The serpent was an expert at the pleasures of massage. The snake’s muscles all worked in unison to create a feeling in flesh that was stimulating beyond compare. What began with slow gentle scritching progressed into full on rubbing. Gently up and down, the stroking lasted for several minutes. The wolf had contorted his back into a position where the snake could easily reach all parts, but it was obvious that the position needed to change. Removing the shirt from the wolf, the snake instructed his subject to lie belly down on the bed. Burmese then coiled on top of him and continued to work the muscles rhythmically. Baby oil was applied to make the soothing motion even more sensual. The wolf howled softly with delight as he felt things he had never felt before. No one had taken the lonely wolf to such a high. Drugs could never reproduce the feeling of ecstasy that was building inside the writhing couple. And Burmese was enjoying every smile, every wiggle, and every grunt that the wolf made in response to the touch being given. He knew the effect he was having, and that aroused the snake enormously.

Both of these wonderfully alert creatures were so in tune with each other, that everything progressed at a tantalizing pace. Every nerve in both bodies was synchronized. The pleasure was so mutual it was a beauty to behold. The snake slipped off the last of the wolf’s clothes and told him to turn over on his back. The wolf complied and the two were now belly-to-belly, penis to hemipenes. They were both rock hard now for each other, eagerly anticipating what would happen next. The snake spread more oil on the wolf and worked it into his fur, deep down to the skin. The glistening fur was no comparison for the light in the eyes of the wolf. He was exactly where he wanted to be, in the embrace and comfort of his beloved reptile. Burmese worked his muscles to stimulate the wolf, and then began to suck off the bobbing hard cock. Up and down, rolling the cock in his mouth, the snake deep throated all of it. It was a perfect cock, too. The wolf had taken care to shave off the hair around the shaft and balls, giving the serpent’s forked tongue easy access to lick everything. The erect hemipenes were now ready to try plunging deep inside the anus of the wolf. The snake tried to use a condom, but was not able to stay hard. It was so frustrating, since he wanted so much to be inside the wolf. The two had just met, but the swell of emotion was more than ever before. All of his previous sexual escapades were enjoyed for the physicality of it, but did not connect emotionally. This was different. The snake was willing to throw all caution to the wind and indulge. He knew he was clean, because of the test that had been done back just a few short months before. All his partners since then had been safe, so there were no worries. He did not know for sure that the wolf was clean, but trusted when the wolf said he had only been with two others in his life. The snake decided to be daring, dangerous, and willing. He coiled up, turned over on his back, and whispered to the wolf “I want you inside me”. Burmese did not want a condom to get in the way of the intimacy. He knew that if this were to cause his death, it would almost be worth it. He had never felt this way about another, not this strong. Hyper had been the closest to him until now, but this experience transcended even that entire relationship.

How could so short a time together develop into something so meaningful? It is perhaps love at first sight, but more likely, the wolf and snake were soul mates all along. The two were split apart of one being into two lost souls. They had now found each other. They both felt it was so right. So right that nothing ever would come between them.

The wolf slowly put his raging hard penis inside the snake. The feeling for both was so warm and wonderful. The wolf stroked in and out slowly, building momentum and gaining a feeling of euphoria. The wolf was feeling for the first time that there was purpose to the act. This was not just a rapid reward that would be soon forgotten. The experience he was having was being indelibly written to his soul, something he would cherish for the rest of his life. No barrier for their love, this was the true joining of the two. Expressed in flesh, the souls were once again made whole into a single being. Just as the feeling reached it’s epiphany, the wolf orgasmed with force, filling the snake with joy. The two then wrapped themselves in each other and kissed passionately in a way that touched them so deeply. They did not end their kiss until they had both exchanged many breaths, tongue against tongue, lips pressed so tightly to one another. They had found the high point of life, staring into each other’s eyes, holding each other tightly, and feeling the warm embrace that would not end this night. Later, they would continue to remember without loss of clarity just how close they were. Even when they would find themselves apart, they were still together.

In the afterglow of their lovemaking, they continued to hold each other tight and exchange passionate kisses. Finally, the two decided to clean themselves up a bit. Burmese knew that Hyper would be along soon, because when he was just sliding out of bed, he heard his mobile phone ring. The signal reception in the hotel was not all that great, so the transmission faded by the time he picked it up to answer it. But the caller ID showed who was on the other end. Slithering into the bathroom for a clean towel, the phone rang again. Burmese had trouble concealing his emotion on the call. He knew that if Hyper realized what had just taken place in the room, things could get very tense. So, the snake took care of his anal matters and came back into the room. Sliding on the t-shirt and some boxers, he was now just relaxing on the bed with Wolfy, who was now dressed himself. The pose was obvious to them both; they were beginning again the same sequence of events they had just finished. The snake was behind, rubbing gently the back of the wolf.

Hyper appeared a few moments later from his quest for a good party. Striking out on that front had not helped his mood at all, and seeing his mate on the bed with Wolfy took him by surprise. Burmese approached him, and told him that he was planning to go up to Wolfy’s room for the rest of the night. Since it was getting late already, Burmese knew Hyper would want to go to sleep, but did not anticipate what would happen next.

Hyper did not take the news of the new couple going off to another room to mean they were just being physical. This was true, there was a strong emotional burn happening, but Burmese thought it was not obvious. This was certainly not the time to tell him that something so meaningful was taking place. He just wanted the closeness of his new love to continue, wanted to spend a magical night with Wolfy. Hyper became very distant and exited the room with feelings of loneliness. Burmese just kept thinking, “we are in an open relationship, so why should I have to answer to anyone about what I do?” This was perhaps a bit unfair, but being caught up in a whirlwind of the senses, the serpent had only one thing on his mind.

The couple retreated to the other room, where they could get the privacy they wanted, and so Hyper could sleep through the night alone in his own bed. The two did not waste any time with foreplay, but resumed their lovemaking with passionate enthusiasm. They engaged in numerous positions for mutual pleasures. First, they kissed with tongues tangled, wrapped in a tight embrace. They held one another so close. They truly felt unified in one body. They each began sporting enormous erections, eager to please and be used. The snake knew what he wanted, to enter the wolf and share fluids. He knew that he was safe; his soul mate would not contaminate him. The purity of the two was undeniable. They had each lived their lives alone until this day. The souls were joined in spirit, and the bodies were rhythmically connected, not interrupted by the gentle stroking in and out. The snake coiled his body, continuing to massage the wolf’s nipples and kiss while working his hemipenes deeply inside the anus of his lover. The wolf was a newcomer to this pleasure and could not fathom the difference between the slight discomfort and the intense pleasure he felt by joining with the reptile. Being as gentle as he could, the snake sensed the time was not right, so he pulled out and wrapped the penis of his mate around his own. The snake reached his feverish conclusion while embracing the wolf; the site was a beauty to behold. Cum splattered the stomach of the wolf as all the energy transferred into a brief moment of ecstasy.

The two held tight to the moment, basking in the glory of their new love. They both knew they never wanted to be apart, though circumstances would keep things from progressing too quickly. There was no doubt for these soul mates that they were one, even when they were separated by physical space. The evening was not even through at this point. Just as once before, they began to pleasure their flesh by stroking, sucking, fondling, and kissing. They found themselves in a sixty-nine position, both taking the cock of the other deep in the throat. The snake had both shaved testicles of his partner inside the mouth, and was kneading them with his tongue. They tasted so good, he could not get enough. And all the while the wolf was stroking and sucking on the hemipenes of the snake. This went on for almost an hour. They were both so spent. They could maintain their erections for hours. To cum again for either of them was a difficulty, but this was a good thing. They were perfectly matched for the pleasure of the other, since they both had the same desires, the same stamina, and the same attraction. Another position was found where they were toe to head, head to tail. The snake had the hind paws of his wolf on his chin, and he licked them with his tongue. The wolf had the tail of his serpent wrapped loosely around his neck. They each fondled each other’s erections, and the wolf worked with his mouth to get the hemipenes back deep in his throat.

Suddenly during this tangled position, the door opened to the room. The roommate of the wolf and Hyper had been talking, and when Hyper was given details of the union of the snake, he lost all composure. He asked the snake to speak with him immediately outside the room. Burmese was reluctant, but knew he had to handle this now, or the consequences could be dire. Sliding into some clothes, he kissed his wolf and said he would return shortly. Joining Hyper in the hallway, the lab immediately began his verbal assault. He challenged the serpent to explain himself, how could he even consider being unsafe with such a stranger? The only answer the snake could muster was that it was worth it. Not just to enjoy a moment of pleasure, but because the union was a deep spiritual one. The relationship between these two mates was finally at an end. The snake had discovered that what he truly wanted in life was right before his eyes. The wolf soul mate had been found at last, and it was necessary to correct the façade that had kept the lab and snake together. While Hyper was distraught at finding his mate was vanishing before his eyes, he began to see that only by letting go could he love the reptile. To try and compel the snake to stay would just tear them both apart, serving only to make everyone miserable.

After a long discussion with a pouring out of emotion, they knew sleep was necessary. The wolf was alone in his room with no idea what had happened. The snake returned to explain the new nature of things between him and the lab, and to reassure the wolf that they were meant to be. They exchanged all the necessary information to get in touch with each other. Phone numbers, ICQ, and of course, their addresses. Even though the souls were one again, those souls do not use telephones. Now armed with the necessary data to stay in constant communication, they bid each other good night. They knew it would only be a matter of hours before they would once again delight at hearing one another’s voices.

The snake returned to his room for the night, able to sleep only for a short time before check out. It was already well past dawn by the time the snake’s head hit the pillow. When the time to awake came finally, the last of the clothes and articles were packed away, and the snake bathed. He did not want to wash the smell of his musky wolf off him, but knew that the ride ahead would be long and weary. Moving farther away from his new found mate was not the direction he wanted to travel, but the snake knew he would not be away for long. The wolf had checked out earlier that morning, and was nowhere to be seen. Killing time before the flight, Hyper and Burmese went to a screening of a new film, Planet of the Apes. After a meal at the airport tavern, they boarded their flight and embarked on the final leg of travel to return home. No luggage was lost on that trip, though the non-reclining seat of the airliner did make it difficult to run the portable computer the snake had with him. Forced to change seats in order to use the device, the two did not even end up sitting beside each other. The tension continued to build, it was hard for them both to describe their feelings. What had previously been a strong bond was now merely a friendship, and this was not without difficulty. Perhaps the relationship had ended a long time previous, and the two never realized it was not working. The issue would not be settled this night, it would be one more day before they both would realize how to handle the new situation.

They did not speak much about it until they returned home, where the snake decided to check on all his miniature horses and other pets. The lab felt lonely, and sunk into a depression. Burmese had promised to have a long talk with Hyper soon, but got caught up in returning e-mail and getting things back on track that had been ignored during the convention. Finally after about 45 minutes of this, Burmese slithered into the lab’s room and coiled up for a heart to heart talk. They both explained their sentiments. Each listened to the needs of the other, and reached some basic conclusions. They did not want to separate, but did want to remain best of friends. They did not want to exclude the other from their lives, but knew that things would not be nearly as close as they had been in the past. This seemed like it was all settled, but the emotions of the snake for his new found love the wolf clouded his vision of what this all meant for the lab.

Sleeping apart as they always did, the serpent slipped into bed and did not awake until hours later. The next morning brought the final stage of the old relationship. Hyper had been distraught for the last two days as the relationship changed. He pleaded with the snake to take him back as his mate, to return to the first days of their union and make one another the only thing important in life. But Burmese knew that he not only wanted to pursue his soul mate, but that Hyper could never give him everything he needed as a mate. The lab would become a loyal friend, cherished for his devotion, but could not keep the place in the snake’s heart as number one. The serpent was not cold in his decision, and did want to remain mates with the lab. He just knew that to settle on that arrangement would lead to more of the searching behavior he had exhibited before the convention ever began. He did not want to slide from bed to bed, having meaningless sex with horny furries. He wanted to have one mate in his life, and the soul mate he found he knew would always be there for him. Hyper realized this and was able finally to let go. He cherished his friendship with the snake, and wanted him to be happy.

Burmese talked at length with Wolfy and made arrangements for them to be together for a week. Since they both had obligations at their homes, they could not arrange for more time. But this was the sensible way to explore the newfound love and not shirk the responsibilities they each had. The days ahead for the couple were glorious and fulfilling. While it took them so long to find each other, they knew they would never let go of their love. Even when they are apart now, they are always together, always joined in spirit, transcending even death.

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